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Jazmine Aldrich, Archeion Coordinator

      Archeion is Ontario’s Archival Information Network

AAO Institutional membership includes participation in Archeion, the central research portal for Ontario’s history and directory for its archival institutions. You can visit Archeion at https://www.archeion.ca.

Jazmine Aldrich is the Archeion Coordinator and can be reached at archeion@aao-archivists.ca to answer any of your questions and provide free advice, training and resources for using Archeion.

Institutional members contribute archival descriptions, authority records, and institutional profiles to the shared database. To learn more about the AAO’s Institutional membership, visit our Membership page or contact the Archeion Coordinator.

 Quick Facts for Institutions

        • In 2021, Archeion pages were visited over 433,000 times by over 92,000 users; over 91,000 of those users were new visitors to the database.
        • While Canadians were heavily represented in Archeion users, thousands of visitors reached members’ pages from the United States in 2021, while hundreds more visitors connected from Asia, Australia, Europe… and the list goes on.
        • Archeion listings are indexed by Google, so member institutions’ contributions appear in regular Google searches. Adding your records to Archeion reduces institutional barriers to access and increases the discovery of your records.
        • The wide variety of subject, place and genre access points, as well as the shared list of authority records, allows users to discover your institution’s records from related records held by other institutions.
        • The Archeion Coordinator can train you to prepare bulk uploads of archival descriptions. Many institutions with existing databases or finding aids are able to map their data to the Archeion framework to simplify bulk uploading. The Archeion Coordinator takes care of uploads for Institutional Members.


Archival descriptions provide information about groupings of archival materials held by collecting institutions such as archives, museums, libraries and historical societies. These descriptions provide information about the archival records such as titles, dates, subjects, creators, and much more. You can explore our archival descriptions here.

Authority records provide information about the creators of the archival records described in Archeion. Creators may be individuals, families, or corporate bodies. Corporate bodies include businesses, institutions, governing bodies, social organizations, and any other group that creates and keeps records as a collective. The authority records in Archeion provide information such as the dates of existence of these record creators, their official names and other names, and their biographies or administrative histories. You can browse our authority records (referred to as “People and organizations”) here.

Institutional profiles in Archeion provide information about the AAO institutional members contributing archival descriptions and authority records to the database. These institutional profiles include contact information, as well as business hours, collections mandates and policies, institutional histories and more. You can visit Archeion’s institutional profiles here.

Archeion Timeline

Click here to learn the history of Archeion.



 Researching with Archeion

You can browse Archeion, perform a Basic search or perform an Advanced search.


Click the “Browse” button next to the header bar search box, then select the type of record you would like to browse. Your options are:
You can also select one of the browse categories above from the “Browse by” menu on the Archeion home page

Basic searching

Perform a Basic search by typing your search terms into the header bar search box.

Advanced searching

Perform an Advanced search by clicking inside of the header bar search box, then clicking “Advanced search.”

 This Month's Archeion feature:

Who? Humber College Archives

When did you join Archeion? April 2020

Why does your institution contribute to Archeion? 

“Being able to be in a repository with a whole bunch of Ontario Archives increases our visibility and helps with discoverability of our resources.”

What does your institution enjoy most about Archeion?

“The ease of using it! It was a huge help while setting up our Archive to have the support ready to start uploading records to a database right away!”

Featured content

“We digitized a lot of early student newspapers for Archeion (page 2 has a wonderful picture of an early computer at Humber, which is cool!)

We've also linked to some digitized audio/video material, including a rap about attending Humber in the 1980s...which speaks for itself.

We also have some colourful photographs from our fashion program in the 1970s.”

Final thoughts

“We found Archeion a great resource while building our archive from scratch! And although we recently launched our own AtoM, we are looking forward to continuing to use Archeion to increase our reach and discoverability.”

The Archives Association of Ontario (AAO) is led by a committed community of volunteers from across the province. 

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