James J. Talman Award

 James J. Talman was the second provincial archivist of Ontario from 1935 to 1939. He subsequently  served as Chief Librarian for the University of Western Ontario until 1969. Talman was appreciated for his gentle and intellectual manner and was admired for his prolific publications, some of which include Basic Documents in Canadian History (1959), Huron College, 1863-1963 (1963) and The Journal of  Major John Norton, 1816 (1970).

 The James J. Talman award is given to an individual who has demonstrated an outstanding level of imagination and innovation in contribution to the profession, his/her institution, or the archival community, or have pioneered in any aspect of archival work.

 Year  Recipient(s)
James Anderson 
 1992 Peter Moran 
 1993 not awarded 
 1994 Michael Moir 
 1995 Jane Nokes 
 1996 Peter Hessel 
 1997 Joan Baillie 
 1998 not awarded 
 1999 not awarded 
 2000 Bob Krawczyk 
 2001 Jean Dryden 
 2002 Kent Haworth 
 2003 not awarded 
 2004 Mark Walsh 
 2005 not awarded 
 2006 Ed Phelps
 2007 Jim McLaughlin 
 2008 Glenn Lockwood
 2009 Ian Wilson
Dr. Barbara Craig
Harold Averill 
Cathy Shepard 
David Sharron
Cathy Bailey 
 2013 not awarded 
2014  not awarded
2015 Heather MacNeil 
2016not awarded 
2017 Nick Ruest 

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