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Towards Truth and Reconciliation

Following the release of the findings of the Truth and Reconciliation Commission of Canada (TRC), the AAO has been working to take meaningful action toward addressing the TRC's Calls to Action, which directly implicate archives and other cultural organizations in the reconciliation process.

With the aim of assisting Ontario's archival community to navigate the path toward the decolonisation and Indigenization of our practice, the AAO has compiled a list of free and openly available resources for those seeking to critically examine colonialism, the legacy of the residential school system, and Indigenous issues in Canada; the diversification of collections as part of the truth and reconciliation process; access barriers for Indigenous peoples to institutionally held archival holdings; the ethics of collection use and digitization.

Please visit the companion page Indigenous Resources which features online exhibits and archival material related to Indigenous communities in Ontario.

Contributing to the page

This page is an evergreen project, which means that it will evolve over time. General comments or suggestions for improvement are welcome and can be directed, by email, to the AAO Web Administrator.

Truth and Reconciliation Commission (TRC)

Contextualizing the Conversation

Understanding Indigenous issues and terminology

On (de)colonisation

Doing the work

Scholarly publications, books, and blog posts

Professional associations, standards, and resource compilations

Indigenous art, education, and cultural heritage resources in Ontario

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