Alexander Fraser Award

Colonel Alexander Fraser was born in Scotland in 1860 and arrived in Canada in 1886. Shortly after his arrival, he became a staff member of the Toronto Mail. In 1903, Fraser was selected as the first Archivist of Ontario and served in that capacity until his retirement in 1935. He was involved in and assumed leadership roles in many local societies. He also edited and published many books and articles, including a two-volume history of Ontario.

The Alexander Fraser Award is given to individuals who have contributed in a significant way to the advancement of the archival community in Ontario. Achievements may range from written and visual work to involvement in organizations or participation in projects. This award is designated to recognize cumulative contributions rather than any single activity. Generally speaking, contributions need to go beyond a specific archives or community.

 Year  Recipient(s)
 1988  John Smart 
 1989  Anne MacDermaid 
 1990  Mark Walsh 
 1991  Christine Ardern 
 1992  Roy Schaeffer 
 1993  Shirley Spragge 
 1994  Joyce Pettigrew 
 1995  Lucie PagĂ©
 1996  John Barton 
 1997  David Bullock 
 1998  Rev. Edward Jackman 
 1999  Lorna Whittaker 
 2000  Lutzen Riedstra 
  • Alex Ross  
  • Paul Banfield
 2002  not awarded 
 2003  Mary Gladwin
 2004  Mary Charles 
 2005  Brian Masschaele 
  • Jill Robertson 
  • Brian P.N. Beaven
  • Paul J. Henry 
  • Marc Lerman
  • Linda Chakmak 
  • Sister Gayle Desarmia
 2009  not awarded 
 2010 Robin Keirstead 
  • Jim Burant 
  • Karen Teeple 
  • John Lutman
  • Rodney Carter 
  • Ellen Scheinberg
  • Jennifer Bunting 
  • Patricia Kennedy
  • Carolynn Bart-Riedstra 
  • Matt Szybalski
 2015 Daniel German
  • Jean Dryden
  • Loryl MacDonald
  • Theresa Regnier
  • Suzanne Dubeau
  • Anne Hepplewhite
 2018 M.C. Havey 
 2019 Margaret Bignell
 2020 not awarded
 2021 Grant Hurley

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