AAO Code of Conduct

The Archives Association of Ontario (AAO) does not tolerate harassment in any form and is committed to providing a safe space for all members and associated individuals. All involved with the AAO are expected to uphold and abide by this policy, by refraining from any form of discrimination, and by cooperating fully in any investigation of a discrimination complaint. 

The AAO will strive to ensure a harassment-free and welcoming environment for those who participate in its conferences, events, meetings, workshops/webinars, and online spaces, regardless of age, color, creed, disability, family relationship, gender identity/expression, individual lifestyle, marital status, national origin, physical appearance, race, religion, sex, sexual orientation, or veteran status. The AAO also has zero tolerance for hate speech of any kind.

This policy applies to the work of the association which includes, but is not limited to:

  • Any events (webinars, conferences, workshops) hosted or supported by the AAO and its regional Chapters.

  • Official publications and communications of the AAO, including the AAO listserv

And work done by:

  • Staff or individuals working under contract with the AAO.

  • Board members, officers, volunteer leaders, and members within the association.

Harassment may include abusive verbal comments and/or discriminatory images in public spaces, deliberate intimidation, stalking, harassing photography or recording, sustained disruption of talks or other events, inappropriate physical contact, unwelcome sexual attention, discriminatory ‘jokes’ and language, bullying, ,sustained, non-constructive disruption of programming (e.g. spamming and trolling), and deliberate misgendering or use of dead names.Conference, event, meeting, and online participants who are asked to stop any harassing behavior are expected to comply immediately. 

Those who violate these rules may be expelled from the conference, event, or meeting at the discretion of the AAO organizers, or may be denied access to the online space at the discretion of the administrator. Persons who have been expelled or denied access may appeal to the AAO Board of Executive Directors.

If you feel that you are in immediate danger at any time during an AAO event, contact law enforcement (by dialing 911) or the facility front desk without delay. If you are not in immediate danger but feel that you are being harassed or that someone else is being harassed, or if you have other concerns, please contact the AAO Account Coordinator immediately:

AAO Account Coordinator

Phone: 647-343-3334

Email: aao@aao-archivists.ca

This policy is not intended to constrain scholarly or professional presentation, discourse, or debate, as long as these exchanges are conducted in a respectful manner.

*This policy is based on theSAA Code of Conduct(http://www2.archivists.org/statements/saa-code-of-conduct).
** This policy was updated in August 2021 by the AAO Board.

The Archives Association of Ontario (AAO) is led by a committed community of volunteers from across the province. 

411 Richmond Street East, Suite 200, Toronto, ON, M5A 3S5

aao@aao-archivists.ca  |  (647) 343-3334


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