Issues of Off the Record back to 1990 now available online!

19 Mar 2018 1:27 PM | Grant Hurley (Administrator)
Hello AAO list,

As Editor of Off the Record, the newsletter of the Archives Association of Ontario, I am pleased to announce that issues of Off the Record back to 1990 are now available online in a newly-redesigned section of the AAO website.

Just in time for the AAO's 25th anniversary, you can access historical issues here. Click on the years to see the issues available. 

Off the Record was launched in 1990 by the Ontario Association of Archivists (OAA) before the official formation of the AAO (through the amalgamation of the OAA and The Ontario Council of Archives) in 1993. Prior to 1990, the OAA had a newsletter (simply titled "The Newsletter") that was published periodically from as early as 1982 through to 1989. In the Fall 1989 issue, suggestions for a new name were requested from members. The Winter 1989 issue featured ideas sent by Bennett McCardle, including “On the Record” and “For the Record,” with a note on the former that "Someone has probably already used it for a gramophone trade journal or a public relations officers’ scandal sheet." "Trillarchivy" is suggested with the note that it "strikes a note of much-needed frivolity." "Alphabet Soup" is added with the note that "This will really mystify anyone not familiar with the grand amalgamation … but since TAAG, EOAA, NOAA, LDAG and others still exist, maybe this title has some permanent archival value after all." The "record"-related suggestion won out (with a slight change) and Off the Record started with the Spring 1990 issue. 

I am very grateful for the support of many individuals in completing this fantastic project. Laurie Dougherty (Arnprior & McNab/Braeside Archives) and Brian Beaven (Retired) donated missing issues. Katie Hull (City of Ottawa Archives) prepared the index and Melody Carle-Kemp (City of Ottawa Archives) did the digitization. Iona McCraith and Paul Henry shepherded the process. Myself and MacKenzie Gott (AAO Website Administrator) worked on the process to get the issues online. A full set of print issues is to be included in the AAO fonds at the Archives of Ontario. 

And of course, my deep thanks is due to the roster of past editors and contributors who have made nearly thirty years of issues possible.

If you want to know more about the AAO's illustrious history, your timing is incredibly good. The AAO is currently crowdsourcing funding for its upcoming book, In Pursuit of the Archival Endeavour: The Story of the Archives Association of Ontario. You can access the fundraising Indiegogo page here. If you are attending the AAO conference in Waterloo this year, you also have the option of purchasing a copy as part of your registration, or at the conference itself. 

Happy reading!


OTR Editor

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