Trans-Pacific Partnership Agreement Negotiations

15 Sep 2015 3:31 PM | Danielle Robichaud

Below is an email from Jean Dryden that originated on the ARCAN-L listserv about the current Trans-Pacific Partnership Agreement negotiations.

Beyond signing the petition, AAO members may find this list of talking points provided by Dryden of use while talking to or emailing candidates running in the current federal election. 

* * *

As you may know, the Trans-Pacific Partnership Agreement is being negotiated behind closed doors with no public discussion or input.

Here's an update about the status of the talks -- apparently the US representative is trying to squeeze in a meeting by the end of September and it is a slim possibility that they will manage to finalize the agreement.

Once the negotiations are concluded, Canada would be required to extend the term of copyright protection to life plus 70 years from the current life plus 50, and amend the law in other ways that make copyright law even more restrictive than it is now. Michael Geist ha written eloquently about this.

You may want to sign a petition against the copyright provisions of TPP that is being run by the Electronic Frontier Foundation. Since we are in the middle of an election, you may also want to take the opportunity to raise this matter with candidates who are seeking your vote.


Jean Dryden

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