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AAO Board of Directors Election 2023 Nomination Process

27 Feb 2023 2:11 PM | Tiffany Ribeiro (Administrator)

AAO Board of Directors Election 2023 Nomination Process

Nominations are currently being accepted for five (5) positions on the Board of Directors of the AAO. Each term will commence upon election at the AAO’s Annual General Meeting (AGM), to be held virtually on May 12, 2023, during the AAO 2023 conference.

Volunteering as a Director on the AAO Board offers an invaluable professional development experience. It provides candidates with an opportunity to network with other professionals in the field, develop their leadership skills, and to apply their existing knowledge and skill set to the service of Ontario’s archival community.

The positions that are currently open for nominations include:

Vice-President/President Elect: Three-year term (May 2023 - May 2026)

The Vice-President/President Elect (VP) serves as the deputy to the President, and provides assistance in all aspects of Board planning and policy decision-making. Along with the President, the VP may represent the AAO at meetings with the Association's stakeholders and within the broader Canadian archival community. Specific duties include:

  • Liaising with AAO Standing and Special Committees and/or Sub-committees thereof, and Special Interest Groups (SIGs);
  • Performing the duties of the President in cases of absence or inability; and
  • Supporting the President in providing general supervision of the operations of the AAO, its staff, and the secretariat office.
  • The VP assumes the position of President in the second year of their term and in the third year serves as a non-voting member of the Board in the capacity of Past President.

Director Without Portfolio: Two-year term (May 2023 - May 2025) 

The Director Without Portfolio position provides assistance in the general governing of the affairs of the Association. Specific duties may therefore include:

  • Serving as a Board liaison to one or more of the Standing and Special Committees of the AAO, and/or Sub-committees thereof;
  • Participating fully in Board decision-making; and
  • Contributing to the development of Association policies, procedures and guidelines.

Secretary/Treasurer: Two-year term (May 2023 - May 2025)

The Secretary/Treasurer provides a key oversight function of the financial affairs and records management of the association. Specific duties include:

(Secretary role):

  • Being acquainted with Roberts Rules of Order, and ensuring the Board follows these in its proceedings;
  • Ensuring that documentation for all Board meetings is compiled, posted to the AAO Google Drive, and shared with meeting participants in advance of each meeting, consulting with Board members as necessary to do so;
  • Taking and finalizing all Board meeting minutes, and ensuring that all decisions are motioned and recorded;
  • Circulating draft Board meeting minutes to meeting participants for review within two weeks following each meeting;
  • Entering decisions carried in the master Motions database;
  • Saving all approved Board meeting minutes on the Google Drive and ensuring public access to them via the AAO website;
  • Playing a lead role in efforts to maintain and update the written policies, procedures, guidelines and manuals of the Board; and
  • In collaboration with the AAO Office, ensuring that the records of the Association are properly filed and disposed of.

(Treasurer role):

  • Monitoring, on a monthly basis, the AAO's budget as prepared and managed on the Association's behalf by the AAO Office, and bringing issues regarding revenues or expenditures to the Board's attention as they arise;
  • Ensuring the Board's financial policies are being followed, or recommending actions where financial policy gaps persist;
  • In cooperation with the President, approving all expenses incurred by the Association and signing all cheques of the Association;
  • Recommending the approval of the auditor (to be identified by the AAO Office) to the membership (to be ratified at each AGM);
  • Presenting to the membership (at each AGM) highlights of the annual audit prepared by the auditor; and
  • On behalf of the Board, working with the AAO Office to ensure that government compliance documents are filed with various government agencies as required.
Website Administrator: Two-year term (May 2023 - May 2025)

The Web Administrator is responsible for maintaining the website by ensuring that information about the AAO and its operations is up-to-date and accurate and providing administrative support to AAO members seeking to add or update content. The role also includes the promotion of AAO events and news via Twitter and Facebook as well as the sharing of AAO and event photos on Instagram. The Web Administrator may also assist the AAO Secretariat with the management of website administrators. The current service agreement limits the number of administrators to 25. Those with full or partial access need to be reviewed on an annual basis as Board and Committee roles are transferred to new AAO Directors, Staff or Committee heads.

The Web Administrator is also a part of the Communications and Advocacy Committee.

Chair, Institutional Development Committee: Two-year term (May 2023 - May 2025) 

The Institutional Development Committee Chair acts as the representative for the AAO institutional members at a Board level. The person in this position must be the head of an archival institution and will be elected by special ballot by AAO Institutional Members in advance of, or at, the AGM, as per article 6.10 of the AAO Constitution.

Specific activities include:

  • Reporting all matters related to institutional members discussed at a Board level;
  • Liaising with institutional members to bring matters of concern from the institutional members level to the Board level for discussion and/or action; and
  • Optimizing the relationship between institutional members and the Board;
  • Coordinating the annual Institutional Members Symposium;
  • Representing the AAO at meetings of the Canadian Council of Archives (CCA).
Chair, Professional Development Committee: Two-year term (May 2023 - May 2025)

The Professional Development Committee Chair is responsible for overseeing and chairing the Professional Development Committee of the AAO. In this role, they:

  • Recruit and orient members to their Committee.
  • Conduct regular meetings with the Committee members.
  • Work with Committee members on the logistics of planning and implementing a suite of workshops and other learning/networking events aimed at the facilitating the professional development of all AAO members.
  • Working closely with AAO Office staff to ensure the smooth running of events and administrative matters.
  • Serves as Board Liaison for the Committee, providing updates to the Board on Committee activities, and conveying Board feedback/updates, as appropriate to the Committee.
  • Providing for the Board’s approval the annual plan for workshop events, and preparing an annual budget for the Board’s approval.

You are invited to contact the following current Board members with any questions about the available positions: 

    Nominations are being accepted two ways this year. You can either complete this online form or submit the nomination form via email, to the AAO Office at, using the subject line "Nominations 2023", and direct your message to the attention of the Nominations Committee. 

    Nominations must be received by the AAO Office by close of business on Monday, April 3rd, 2023.


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