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Call for AAOEe Chapter Executive volunteers for 2022-2023

23 Feb 2022 2:08 PM | Tiffany Ribeiro (Administrator)

Archives Association of Ontario EAST EST (AAOEe) CHapter

The AAOEe wants you for the Chapter Executive in 2022-2023!

What does the AAOEe do?

The Archives Association of Ontario East / est (AAOEe) Chapter is a volunteer-led organization under the umbrella of the Archives Association of Ontario (AAO). The Chapter serves and engages our membership, provides programming, and promotes archives, heritage, and information management to the public through events. We also connect with the AAO Board to support its efforts to build membership and advance the organization’s development.

Why do we need volunteers?

The AAOEe is managed by volunteers and all the work we undertake requires the time and energy of an engaged team. The combined efforts of our Executive allow us to bring tours, workshops, speakers, and other events to the Eastern Ontario region. 

We are currently looking for new members to join the Executive to help shape the Chapter’s yearly program, develop activities for our membership, assist emerging professionals and advocate for the archival community.

What do we want to do?

The AAOEe must be responsive to your needs and interests. To this end, we want to build a diverse Executive that reflects our membership. Whether you are new to volunteering, a student, an established archivist, or a member of an allied discipline (such as heritage or information management), all voices are welcome and respected.

By contributing just a few hours each month, you will ensure that our Chapter continues to represent and bring engaging programming to our community. Our approach is friendly and informal, and our meetings are casual.

The Executive meets roughly 8 times per year and consists of the following roles, all of which are one-year terms that are elected at the Chapter AGM (April 2022) and are open for the 2022-2023 year. In addition to the responsibilities described below, all members contribute some time to program development and implementation.

For more information on any of the roles below, and to discuss how you can contribute, please contact the AAOEe Chapter Executive at

Which role do you want to fill?

  • President
The President provides leadership to the Chapter. This includes acting as spokesperson for the Executive, the membership, and stakeholders to the AAO Board and other interested parties. For Executive meetings, work includes scheduling, setting the agenda, and chairing the meetings. The President also ensures that the Chapter is fulfilling its responsibilities to the AAO Board, such as submitting required reports. Note: upon leaving office, the President is asked to stay on the Executive for an additional year in an advisory role as Past-President. Time commitment: 5 hours per month, with additional time required for the AAO Leadership Meeting and AAO Annual General Meeting.
  • Treasurer

The Treasurer looks after the Chapter’s finances. Duties include preparing budgets and financial statements, writing cheques, managing deposits and investments, and reporting on the previous year’s finances at the AAOEe AGM. Time commitment: 3-4 hours per month, with additional time required for the AGM. 

  • Secretary

The Secretary is the official record keeper for the Chapter. They take minutes of all meetings and distribute documentation to the Executive and the general membership as required. Time commitment: 2 hours per month.

  • Vice-President
The Vice-President performs the duties of the President in their absence and advances the interests of the AAOEe. This often means providing support with planning and program development. The VP is encouraged to stand for President upon completion of the latter’s term. Time commitment: 3 hours per month
  • Member-at-Large

The Member-at-Large position assists the Executive to build capacity in subject areas that may be pertinent to the broader membership.

For example, the Communications Officer is a portfolio assigned to a Member-at- Large. The Communications Officer updates the AAOEe Facebook page with upcoming events, tours, and workshops. Other social media tools may also be used.

The Member-at-Large may be elected at the AGM with assigned responsibilities, or it may be project based and appointed by the Executive at any point in the year. The role often builds upon the subject expertise of the volunteer. Time commitment: flexible, 2-4 hours per month.

Note: the AAOEe encourages student participation, particularly through the Member- at-Large position. There is no limit on the number of Member-at-Large positions.

For more information on any of the roles described above, and to discuss how you can contribute, please contact the AAOEe Executive at

705-1 Eglinton Ave. East

Toronto ON

M4P 3A1

(647) 343-3334

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