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AAO/AMA Photo Scavenger Hunt

04 Apr 2016 12:25 PM | Danielle Robichaud

For a bit of healthy competition between the provinces, and to encourage conference delegates to get out and see some of Thunder Bay’s sights, you are welcomed to participate in the AAO/AMA Photo Scavenger Hunt! The goal is to take photographs of as many of the locations and activities listed below. The photo scavenger hunt will run the length of the conference! The lucky province will be announced at Friday’s luncheon.

Each province will compete as a team. Designated team members will submit photos of each completed task. If both provinces complete the list (or if neither do..!), then the province with the most points wins.
Send in your photos by tweeting them with the conference hashtag #aaoama16 

1 point each:

  • A member of your team enjoying locally roasted coffee or locally brewed beer
  • The Thunder Bay Tourist Pagoda
  • Standing in the splash pad at Prince Arthur’s Landing
  • Your favourite piece of public art
  • Your best view of Lake Superior
  • Visiting Fort William Historical Park (location for walking tour and conference dinner)
2 points each:
  • Riding on Thunder Bay Transit ($2.65 cash fare; some tickets available to conference attendees on request)
  • Visiting the Northwestern Ontario Sports Hall of Fame (approximately 10 minute drive or 30 minute bus ride)
  • Visiting the Thunder Bay Museum (approximately 10 minute drive or 30 minute bus ride)
  • Visiting the Thunder Bay Art Gallery (approximately 10 minute drive or 40 minute bus ride) or Definitely Superior Art Gallery (approximately 10 minute walk)
  • At the Finnish Labour Temple / Finlandia Hall / Hoito Restaurant (Bay & Algoma neighbourhood, 15 minute walk or short bus ride)
  • Shopping at a locally owned business
  • The view from Hillcrest Park (5 minute drive, 10 minute bus ride, 25 minute walk)
3 points each:
  • A photo of you in Thunder Bay as a child (or at least 15 years ago)
  • Visiting the Terry Fox Memorial (approximately 15 minute drive, no bus available)
  • Visiting Kakabeka Falls (approximately 30 minute drive, no bus available)
1,000,000 points:
  • A photo of people curling on the ice of Lake Superior taken during the conference

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