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2015 Conference Papers and Posters

21 Jun 2015 4:02 PM | Danielle Robichaud

Conference Papers

 Session  Presenter(s)
 Access at the helm: Sailing the choppy waters between rights and responsibilities Dr. Guy Berthiaume
Judge not, lest ye be judged, or the perils of being a Virgo in a disorderly word Laura Millar
"But what if someday, someone wants it?": A Discussion of Appraisal at the Archives of Ontario Nana Robinette and 
Rachel Barton  
Copyright and Community Archives Digitization Projects Megan Pugh and
Sarah Ferencz
The Expo 67 fonds: Questioning the Priorities of the Archives (slides) / (speaking notes) Joel Sherlock
Getting it right: Library and Archives Canada's Web Harvesting program in an archival context Emily Monks-Leeson and Patricia Klambauer 
Getting it right in the cloud
Mary Kosta
"How would I feel?": Personal privacy and intellectual rights in the Nouwen Archives’ photograph series (paper) / (slides)
Danielle Robichaud
Learning Through Doing! Block Review at LAC - Its Successes and Failures
Paulette Dozois 
Life is a highway: The road to a collaborative acquisition strategy Matt  Szybalski 
Life is a highway Sean Smith
Projecting the Right Image: The Portrayal of Archivists in Film Amanda Oliver and Anne Daniel 
Recordkeeping and the Law: Issues from Scotland
Janel Cheng and Karolina Zuchniak
Respect des fonds and original order vs data sets and other electronic records in the archives of the near future; Some Considerations on Archival Analog Principles as Applied in a Digital Universe Daniel German
The rights of practicum students
Kristin Blakely and  
Mary Kosta
Surrogacy as Democracy: Anecdotes of Access and Affront
Allana Mayer 
What we do and what everyone else does in North America – Local Archival Government Repositories  Survey 2014 Results Dave Evans
Whose rights?: privacy issues in archival selection and access Sara Janes

Conference Posters

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