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The AAO provides basic and continuing education to assist individuals working in information management professions to gain knowledge of archives, adhering to Canadian archival standards. Specialized workshops are delivered by professionals on a variety of archival, information management and preservation topics.

The Professional Development Committee oversees the development and scheduling of AAO work shops and welcomes any workshop suggestions.


As a compliment to the professional development opportunities provided by AAO workshops, AAO Chapters and affiliated organizations hold regular events, tours and mixers that are an excellent way to meet and engage with members of Ontario's archival community. 

Upcoming events

    • 26 Oct 2017
    • 9:15 AM - 4:00 PM
    • Archives of Ontario (134 Ian MacDonald Blvd, North York)

    IDC Institutional Issues Forum: Doing More with Less

    At some point, every archives is faced with the challenge of doing more with less, but at other unique times, an archives can be equally challenged by the opportunity of getting more to go with their less.

    At the fourth IDC Institutional Issues Forum, participants are invited to bring their various perspectives to a discussion on the concept of “doing more with less”.

    Specific topics will include:

    • Managing more with less - small archives / big mandate, more records / less people, etc.
    • Getting more to go with your less - archival success stories and their implications
    • If we want more, how are we going to do it? - documentation strategies, appraisal strategies and engagement strategies, oh my!

    In addition, time will be set aside for an update on IDC issues, on accessibility issues and on the progress made since the last IDC Forum in the area of Indigenous issues.

    We look forward to seeing you at the Archives of Ontario on October 26th. Morning refreshments will be included.

    • 10 Nov 2017
    • 9:00 AM - 4:00 PM (EST)
    • Archives of Ontario (134 Ian MacDonald Blvd, North York)

    Sorry, but this event is now sold out. You can join the waitlist and we will send you an email when additional spaces become available.

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    Course title: Electronic Records Management

    Instructor: Christine Ardern, CRM, IGP, FAI

    Date and time: November 10, 2017, 9:00 – 4:00

    Location: Archives of Ontario classroom, 134 Ian MacDonald Blvd, North York, Toronto

    Minimum/maximum participants: 10 minimum and 20 maximum

    Cost: $100 (student AAO member); $125 (AAO member); $200 (non-member)

    AAO-PDC facilitator: Grant Hurley

    Other: Refreshments will be provided. Lunch is available at York University campus food court.

    Course description:

    Christine Ardern of Information Management Specialists will instruct. This full-day workshop will provide a basic introduction to electronic records management. The morning session will briefly discuss the importance of ensuring authenticity, reliability, and integrity of e-records to reduce risk, life-cycle management, the role of metadata, and the difference between official and transitory e-records. This will be followed by a basic overview of the special challenges of e-records, and managing change, including defining business, technical and functional requirements, developing metadata, and moving existing records or cleaning up shared drives.

    The afternoon session will introduce current trends and standards for enterprise content management, and familiarize students with specific content management modules such as imaging, electronic document management, records management, workflow/business process management, and web content management. Finally, the requirements for building an infrastructure for an electronic records management system and software selection will be briefly covered.

    Instructor Bio: Christine Ardern, CRM, IGP, is a Past President and Fellow of ARMA International and Emmett Leahy award winner. She has been involved in information management and archives planning, development and implementation internationally. Christine set up archives and records management programs at the Toronto Harbour Commission, the Salvation Army, the AGO and CIBC. Since 1999 she has consulted to private and public sector organizations both in Canada and Internationally. Christine taught at U of T’s i-School Institute and presented at ARMA seminars and workshops. She was involved with the CGSB committees which developed two standards for managing images and electronic records as evidence and was a member of the ARMA Education Foundation Board of Trustees.

Past events

12 Oct 2017 Ottawa’s Tavern History, learn about Ottawa’s exciting tavern history
29 Sep 2017 Municipal Archives Interest Group (MAIG) Open House
28 Sep 2017 Trinity College Archives tour (and pub night!)
22 Sep 2017 SWOC Welcome Back BBQ
03 Jun 2017 SWOC AGM
13 May 2017 AAOEe AGM
28 Apr 2017 Pub Night - April 28 - AAO Conference Social Event
27 Apr 2017 Tour #4 - 2017 Conference Social Event
27 Apr 2017 Tour #3 - 2017 Conference Social Event
26 Apr 2017 Pub Night - April 26 - AAO Conference Social Event
26 Apr 2017 Tour #2 - 2017 Conference Social Event
26 Apr 2017 Tour #1 - 2017 Conference Social Event
26 Apr 2017 "Managing Small Archives" Pre-Conference Workshop
26 Apr 2017 2017 AAO Conference
20 Apr 2017 A Day in the Life of an Archivist
09 Mar 2017 TAAG AGM
02 Mar 2017 AAOEe Game Board Night
19 Jan 2017 TAAG's Winter Warmer
17 Nov 2016 AAO How Legislation Affects Archives or ‘How not to go to Jail’
11 Nov 2016 TAAG Fall workshop: Introduction to
07 Nov 2016 TAAG Member Recognition Night
29 Oct 2016 AAO How To Run A Successful Oral History Project
27 Oct 2016 2016 Institutional Issues Forum
13 Oct 2016 Ontario Provincial Archivist in the Capital, let's talk Acquisition Strategy
28 May 2016 SWOC AGM and Archives Tour
11 May 2016 AAO 2016 Pre Conference Workshops
11 May 2016 2016 AAO/AMA Joint Conference
05 May 2016 AAOEe 2016 AGM
30 Apr 2016 AAO Wikipedia Edit-a-thon - FREE EVENT
30 Apr 2016 AAO Wikipedia For Archivists
21 Apr 2016 taag 2016 AGM
20 Apr 2016 Provincial Acquisition Strategy for AAOEe members
19 Apr 2016 Provincial Acquisition Strategy for SWOC members
31 Mar 2016 Provincial Acquisition Strategy for taag members
05 Mar 2016 SWOC Spring Thaw
05 Feb 2016 AAOe Winter Welcome – Trivia and Skate Night : Syrian Refugee fundraiser
24 Nov 2015 An evening with Dr. Ian Milligan
19 Nov 2015 taag - Reception for Ontario's new Chief Privacy Officer & Archivist of Ontario, John Roberts!
14 Nov 2015 SWOC Annual General Meeting
12 Nov 2015 NOAA Presentation and Discussion
05 Nov 2015 taag Walking Tour
26 Oct 2015 AAO Emergency Response and Salvage workshop
22 Oct 2015 Institutional Issues Forum
02 Oct 2015 MAIG Open House
01 Oct 2015 Taverns & Troublemakers/Tavernes et rabat-joie
17 Sep 2015 Book Launch - Monda Halpern's Alice in Shandehland
11 Sep 2015 Digital Preservation and Access with AtoM and Archivematica
27 May 2015 2015 AAO Conference
22 May 2015 AAOEe Chapter AGM and Social
23 Apr 2015 How Legislation Affects Archives or ‘How not to go to Jail’
16 Apr 2015 The Toronto Area Archivists’ Group 2015 Annual General Meeting
09 Apr 2015 We Found It in the Archives Film Night
20 Feb 2015 Introduction to the Preservation of Electronic Records
24 Jan 2015 SWOC Winter Warmer
22 Jan 2015 The Art of Archives
27 Nov 2014 Tour of Jewish Community Centre and Or Shalom Synagogue
27 Nov 2014 AAOEe Remembrance Tour
21 Nov 2014 TAAG’s Fall Workshop: Simple Preservation Treatments for Flat Records
01 Nov 2014 Oral History Workshop: Engaging with Stories
15 Oct 2014 NOAA AGM
28 May 2014 BOTH Pre Conference Workshop #1 AND #2
28 May 2014 ONLY Pre-Conference Workshop #2 - Event Planning
28 May 2014 ONLY Pre-Conference Workshop #1 - Using Archives for Educational Programs
28 May 2014 AAO 2014 Conference
07 May 2014 Silver Level Sponsor
07 May 2014 Gold Level Sponsor - Keynote Speaker

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