TAAG Members - Doors Open Toronto Opportunity

13 Mar 2011 9:23 PM | Danielle Robichaud

Saturday, May 28th is Doors Open Toronto, and once again the City of Toronto Archives will be opening its doors to let the public go behind the scenes. People can visit the Conservation and Digitzation Labs, talk to our experts and get a chance to view the rarely seen archival treasures of Canada's largest city.

The City of Toronto Archives has also welcomed other archives in the region to display and advertise their institutions in our atrium. This is a great opportunity for those of you who have not the space nor staff to host a Doors Open event, to publicize and introduce the public to the work you do and the collections within your archives.

This event would be impossible without volunteers, who kindly donate their time. Volunteering at Doors Open is a great way to meet others in the profession, make a few contacts, and show the public what archives are and how important they are to our society. If you would like to volunteer contact Jessica Algie for exhibitor or volunteer applications which should be completed and returned by FRIDAY, MAY 6TH 2011. Please mail, fax or email to:

Jessica Algie
City of Toronto Archives
255 Spadina Road, Toronto Ontario, M5R 2V3
tel: 416.392.0558; fax: 416.392.9685
e-mail: jalgie@toronto.ca

Remember, the theme of this year's Door Open Toronto is photography and architecture.

Many thanks,
Paul Sharkey
City of Toronto Archives

Address: 411 Richmond Street East, Suite 200, Toronto, ON M5A 3S5

Phone: 647-343-3334 | Email: aao@aao-archivists.ca


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