Behind the scenes tour of the Thunder Bay Historical Museum

01 May 2010 10:27 PM | Danielle Robichaud

NOAA held a behind the scenes tour of the Thunder Bay Historical Museum and its archives on December 6th. Only four people attended, and while the tour was very informative and engaging it was recommended we not hold events in December as many other individuals wanted to attend but had conflicts that evening. Plans are still underway for the Hudson's Bay Company (HBC) Archivist speaking tour in Kenora, Dryden, Fort Frances, and Atikokan. The HBC Archivist, James Gorton will be giving the talk. He gave a similar presentation for NOAA last year in Thunder Bay. His talk focused on local HBC records and how to research from a distance. Thus far it seems like April 26th will be the start date for the tour, but more details need to be confirmed. Special thanks need to be given to the Ministry of Culture, as several of their local representatives have agreed to drive James to some of the destinations not serviced by an airport. We are all very excited to have such an exciting speaker back in northwestern Ontario.

Plans are also underway for the NOAA AGM which will include a half day workshop on digitization. Speakers from the Thunder Bay Museum, Lakehead University, and the City Archives will discuss the digitization practices at those institutions. The Sunset Museum Association (comprising museums west of Thunder Bay) will be contacted to see if they are willing to coordinate their planned meeting in Thunder Bay with the NOAA workshop. Other historical organizations and all members of the community will be invited to the workshop.

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