Archeion Assistant Resignation

08 Sep 2016 10:01 AM | Danielle Robichaud

The AAO received funding through Library and Archives Canada's Documentary Heritage Communities Program to support the second phase of our Advancing Archeion project. This involves training AAO members in how to upload records to Archeion and increasing the total number of records in the system. The second phase of the project will run until March 31, 2017.

In July, an Archeion Assistant was hired to do this work. However, the Archeion Assistant has resigned from the position. In order to meet the target goals and complete the project on time, our Archeion Coordinator, Lisa Snider, will be assuming the Archeion Assistant duties until March 31 of next year.

A survey was sent out to all AAO members earlier this year to inquire if they would like training in how to upload records to Archeion. Lisa will be following up with all survey respondents who requested training. If you did not have a chance to respond to the survey, but you are interested in this training opportunity, please contact Lisa directly at and she will coordinate training with you.

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