Archeion Usability Testing: UPDATE

21 Apr 2011 4:36 PM | Danielle Robichaud

The usability testing which took place in March was well attended, with 20 people volunteering their time to help us test the features of the ICA-AtoM software which we will be using for the new Archeion service.

The Artefactual Systems Inc. team have created some mock-ups (PDF format) of ways in which the new site will address the issues raised by our volunteers. You can read more about the testing results on Artefactual's wiki site. Their summary of the AAO testing results is as follows:

The overall response to ICA-AtoM by the twenty participants that performed the set tasks and answered the post-task questionnaire was positive:

  • 95% of all participants found the layout of ICA-AtoM to be clear,
  • 85% of all participants felt that ICA-AtoM was easy to use and quick to learn,
  • 90% of participants were satisfied with ICA-AtoM, and
  • 70% of the Archivists that tested the software said they would recommend ICA-AtoM to a colleague.

The study provided valuable feedback regarding shortfalls in navigation and functionality, such as:

  • 70% of Archivists testing the software felt that ICA-AtoM did not work the way they wanted it to work,
  • 43% of Archivists felt they could not use ICA-AtoM successfully every time, and
  • 25% of all participants felt lost at some point during the set tasks.

Changes suggested by participants to improve Usability of ICA-AtoM:

  • Implement an Advanced Search,
  • Clarify Browse Tab navigation and functionality,
  • Provide contextual information for labels,
  • Revise Design Interface to support larger text, minimize scrolling, and highlight edit operations.

Thanks very much to all our volunteers - your feedback has been very helpful!

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