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05 Dec 2011 4:33 PM | Danielle Robichaud

To follow up from Anna St. Onge's announcement last Friday about the new Archeion site (, I'd like to update you on a few things about how the new site works and to ask for your help in making it even better.

The new Archeion supports the international standard for describing institutions with archival holdings (ISDIAH) and we have created skeleton ISDIAH records for each of the repositories with records in Archeion. These are linked to from the archival descriptions in Archeion and can also be browsed from the 'Archival Institutions' link on the home page of the site.

If your institution has records in Archeion, please check its ISDIAH record for accuracy and email me if there is anything which needs to be changed.

The new system extracts information about the creators of archives into a separate authority record, rather than including it in the archival description. This has generally worked well in the migration of our existing descriptions, but occasionally can have unexpected results in descriptions with multiple creators or with collections, depending upon how they have been described. Please look through your institution's Archeion descriptions and, again, email me if there is anything wrong with them that you would like to correct.

Work is under way on creating manuals for the new system, which will be available in 2012. At this stage, we are concentrating on making sure that the existing information in Archeion is accurate and up to date, before starting to add new information.

Note that usernames and passwords for the old ARCHEION system will not work with the new one.

We are setting up Archeion training events for March 2012 and are still looking for a suitable venue in the Eastern region of Ontario (Ottawa, specifically). Please get in touch if you are able to offer a training room with computers or with a wireless network which we could use.


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