Archeion in 2012

03 Jan 2013 10:39 PM | Danielle Robichaud

It has been just over a year since the new ICA-AtoM version of Archeion was launched and it seems like a good moment to take a look at what the AAO's institutional members have achieved with the new site during 2012. Here are a few statistics:

 Archival descriptions published  3,771
 Archival descriptions revised  6,570
 Authority records created  1,378
 Authority records revised  2,039
 Digital objects added  229
 Visitors to Archeion  38,529

The most viewed description on Archeion last year was the record for the Kydd Memorial Presbyterian Church, Montreal fonds (held by the Archives of The Presbyterian Church in Canada).

Ninety five institutions have a page in Archeion describing their repository according to the ISDIAH international repository standard. This allows institutions to describe their opening hours, location and contact details in a consistent way. The screenshot shows the ISDIAH information on Wilfrid Laurier University Archives:

ISDIAH record

You don't need to have archival descriptions in Archeion in order to have a repository page, although your institution does need to be a member of the AAO. Please contact the Archeion Coordinator at if you would like to add information about your institution to Archeion.

Archeion now supports description of archives at the level of series or item as well as fonds or collection. This allows users to navigate the full hierarchy of an archival description, as can be seen in the screenshot of the University Health Network record group below:

Record hierarchy


The other new option supported by the AtoM software is the ability to upload digital materials to Archeion. Each institutional member of the AAO has a gigabyte of space on the service which they can use to hold images, videos or textual materials such as PDF files. Among the 229 files added to Archeion this year is this portrait from Elgin County Archives of Private George Searle, who died at the battle of Vimy Ridge in 1917.

Private George_Searle

We're hoping to see more digital materials added to Archeion in 2013: do get in touch if you need any help or advice about the best way of sharing your descriptions online through Archeion.

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