Archives Canada/Archeion Update

28 Jun 2013 10:30 PM | Danielle Robichaud

Archives Canada preview

If your archival descriptions are available in Archeion, you can now see how those will appear in the new Archives Canada site. Artefactual have released a preview of the site at and the records currently in Archeion are already available in the new system.

The screenshot below shows how one of the digital images from Guelph Public Library Archives appears in the system:


archives canada beta


While this one shows the repository page for the same institution, complete with Google map!


Archives Canada beta Repository page



The Archives Canada site will be officially launched in September 2013. If you notice any issues with the way your repository's information is displaying, please email me so that I can pass it along to Artefactual.

Information held in Archeion will automatically be transferred to Archives Canada on a regular basis: if you want your repository represented in the national site and your information is not already in Archeion, you need to get in touch with me so that we can arrange that. If you want to, you can just have information on your repository's location and opening hours listed: inclusion doesn’t have to involve having any archival descriptions created and uploaded.

Institutional logos in Archives Canada

Important! If you have an institutional logo which is not already in Archives Canada, you will need to send it in PNG format to (the logo should have maximum dimensions of 270 pixels, minimum of 200) with a subject line of "Archives Canada ISDIAH: [Your institution name]". You can also include a banner, which should be 800 pixels wide and between 100 and 300 pixels high. If your institution does not have a map displaying in Archives Canada yet, Artefactual need your latitude and longitude coordinates.

Other Archeion news

In May, Archeion was upgraded to version 1.3.1 of ICA-AtoM. This has altered the way that archival hierarchies are displayed and means that it is now also a lot harder to accidentally create duplicate authority records than it used to be.

 In response to popular demand from Archeion users, I'm happy to report that Artefactual plan to offer improved statistics reporting for sites like Archeion which host information for multiple repositories in the AtoM 2.0 release of the software (due later this year). This will mean that institutions will be able to find out how often their own descriptions and digital object have been viewed on Archeion, which will make reporting usage via Archeion much easier.

Artefactual have also updated the Archeion website in recent weeks so that the display works better on mobile devices like smartphones and tablets. 

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