Professional Resources

The following page provides additional resources to assist archivists and information specialists in their respective professions. 

Calculating and Estimating

Linear Footage Calculator
Time Guidelines for Arrangement and Description Projects (Overview document)

Contributing to Wikipedia

Wikipedia for Archivists (PDF resource list from AAO workshop)
Beginner's Guide to Wikipedia
Conflict of Interest Guide
Edit-a-thon How To
Share Your Archives
Wikipedia Library Interns

Copyright Resources

 Information Bulletin #1: Copyright for Archivists (CCA)
 Information Bulletin #2: Copyright for Archivists (CCA)
 Information Bulletin #3: Copyright for Archivists (CCA)
 Information Bulletin #4: Copyright for Archivists (CCA)
 Information Bulletin #5 Copyright for Archivists (CCA)
 Information Bulletin #6: Copyright for Archivists (CCA)
 Information Bulletin #7: Copyright for Archivists (CCA)
 Information Bulletin #8: Copyright for Archivists (CCA)
Canadian Copyright Term and Public Domain Flowchart 

Creating and Managing Digital Resources

Capture your collections: a Guide for Managers who are Planning and Implementing Digitization Projects 
Capture your collections 2012: a Small Museum Version 
Handling Digital Archives Before Ingest -Scholars Portal
Indigitization: Toolkit for the Digitization of First Nations Knowledge
AABC Electronic Records & Digital Preservation Management
AABC Digitization and Automation

 Descriptive Software

Program for Cooperative Cataloging Final Report on Available Linked Data Training Resources
 Grant Resources
Grants workbook and template
Grants directory - Developed by Lucidea for North American heritage institutions seeking information on grant funding opportunities at the federal level
Institutional Standards for Ontario Archives  
Institutional Standards for Ontario Archives: Building a Foundation of Excellence
Legal Issues and Sample Documents for Archival Donations
Legal Issues in Archival Donations, ACA Workshop, Some Readings 

  Preservation Articles

Care and Handling Guidelines for Archival Records
Emergency Planning for Archives
Environmental Factors and Deterioration of Archival Records
Polyester Encapsulation of Documents - Step by Step Procedures
Providing the Proper Environment for Archives
Storage of Books and Albums
Storage of Paper and Parchment
Storage of Photographic Prints and Negatives
Surface Dry Cleaning Paper

Preservation and Conservation 

Canadian Conservation Institute / Institut Canadien de Conservation
CoOL - Conservation OnLine
Northeast Document Conservation Center - see Preservation Leaflets - Museum of Printing and Photography
U.S. National Park Service Conserve O Grams

    Vendor Resources

Bookbinders and Book Artists - a comprehensive list of Canadian binders, artists and conservators is available through the Canadian Bookbinders and Book Artists Guild (CBBAG) 
National Archival Appraisers - a directory of practicing National Archival Appraisal Board (NAAB) Appraisers can be found on the NAAB website
Professional Conservators - a list of conservators affiliated with the Canadian Association of Professional Conservators (CAPC) can be found on the CAPC website

Writing Request for Proposal (RFP)

The Ultimate RFP Guide: Steps, Guidelines & Template for Requests for Proposals
Request for Proposals for Mackenzie County

SAMPLE Request for Proposal Website redesign for an Archive - The Arquives

Drop here!

 Professional Development

 AABC Education
 ANLA Training and Development
 Archival Education in Canada
 AAO Workshops and Events
 Digital Library Forum Digital Conferences Calendar
 NEDCC Training Calendar
 Society of American Archivists: Education

Employment Listings

Job Site - Faculty of Information Studies, University of Toronto
LIS JobWeb- Faculty of Information & Media Studies, Western University
Society of American Archivists Online Employment Bulletin
Work In Culture Job Board
Canadian Heritage Information Network Job Board
Culture Works
Association of Research Libraries Job Board
Association of Canadian Archivists Job Board
Archives Association of British Columbia Job Board
I Need a Library Job

Provincial and Territorial Associations

 Archives Association of British Columbia (AABC)
 Archives Council of Nunavummi
 Archives Council of Prince Edward Island (ACPEI)
 Archives Society of Alberta (ASA)
 Association for Manitoba Archives / Association manitobaine des archives (AMA)
 Association of Newfoundland and Labrador Archives (ANLA)
 Council of Archives New Brunswick / Conseil des archives Nouveau-Brunswick (CANB)
 Council of Nova Scotia Archives (CNSA)
 Northwest Territories Archives Council (NWTAC)
 Le Réseau de diffusion des archives du Québec (RDAQ)
Saskatchewan Council for Archives and Archivists (SCAA)
 Yukon Council of Archives (YCA)

National Archival Associations

Association of Canadian Archivists (ACA)
Canadian Council of Archives / Conseil canadien des archives (CCA)
Society of American Archivists (SAA)

Associated Interest Groups

Ontario Historical Society
Ontario Genealogical Society
Canadian Historical Association
Ontario Museum Association
Ontario Library Association
Ontario Council of University Libraries

The Archives Association of Ontario (AAO) is led by a committed community of volunteers from across the province. 

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