AAO Archives Advisor Program

The AAO Archives Advisor Program provides advice and support on all topics related to archives management and preservation. Services for AAO members include: consultations via email,  telephone, or Zoom meeting and access to the environmental monitor loan program to borrow a data logger to review conditions in an archives (Institutional Members Only) and the Archives Emergency Response Network (AERN). The AAO Archives Advisor program is partly funded by the Government of Ontario's Ministry of Government and Consumer Services through the Archives of Ontario.

Contact information:

Email: archivesadvisor@aao-archivists.ca

Telephone: 705-277-1309

Twitter: @advisor_aao

The Archives Advisor is available on Mondays and Tuesdays of each week and will reply to all inquiries as quickly as possible.

About Iona McCraith, the Archives Advisor: 

Iona McCraith is currently the AAO Archives Advisor. Since 1999, she has also maintained a private practice as an archival consultant and conservator.

Previously Iona was employed as Senior Conservator, City of Toronto Archives (1983-1991); Head Conservator, Archives of Ontario (1991-1999) and as AAO Preservation Consultant (1999-2012). Between 1999 to 2005, Iona was a sessional instructor in the Collections Conservation and Management Program at Fleming College, Peterborough. 

The Archives Association of Ontario (AAO) is led by a committed community of volunteers from across the province. 

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