Policy and Procedures Manual

The committee is pleased to present the Professional Development Committee Policies and Procedures Manual.

The manual is made up of two parts. The first deals with the history of the committee, with information regarding the mandate, structure and vision statement of the Education Committee, as well as Knowledge Requirements for Ontario's Archivists.

The second part of the manual is focused on the policies and procedures of post-appointment training.

The purpose of the Knowledge Requirements for Ontario's Archivists is threefold: to introduce new members of the profession to these requirements, to remind experienced archivists of their professional responsibilities to continue their education, and to inspire public confidence in the profession.

While serving as an outline of professional education for archivists, it is hoped that these knowledge requirements will also stimulate further discussion and study. The identity of the archival profession is defined by a specific body of knowledge which includes contextual, archival, and complementary knowledge. The Archives Association of Ontario believes that all archivists should be trained and educated in each of these knowledge areas.

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