AAO East Slate of Officers for 2011-2012 Executive

23 May 2011 10:40 PM | Danielle Robichaud

AAO East Nominatons and Elections Chair for the 2011-2012 Executive has submitted his report as follows: The following slate of Officers for Archives Association of Ontario, Eastern Chapter, has been put together on the basis of formal and informal discussions for nomination at the AGM on the evening of Thursday May 26 at the new City of Ottawa Archives. The following members of the current Executive have agreed to put their names forward for the following positions on the 2011-2012 AAO East Chapter Executive: *President- Margaret Dixon * Vice- President- John Lund * Treasurer- Theresa Sorel * Secretary- Allison Gregor * Communications Officer- Jennifer Wilhelm * Member at Large- Rebecca Geisbrecht The 2010-2011 Executive agreed to increase the number of positions on the 2011-2012 Chapter Executive to include two additional Members-at-large. Jenna Smith has approached the nominations committee and has been accepted by the incumbent officers as part of the slate for one of the new positions as Member-at-large. There remains one Member-at-large position to be filled as of date of writing (May 19, 2011) NOTE: As per the Constitution of the Chapter, nominations from the floor will also be entertained at the appropriate point in the agenda of the AGM on May 26. Nominations may be for any position. In the case of more than one nomination for any given position, a ballot election will ensue immediately for the positions being contested. If there are no positions contested, the election will be declared by acclamation. This memo constitutes the summary report of the Nominations Committee to the membership Brian P. N. Beaven Chair of the AAO-E Nominations Committee for 2011-2012 brian.beaven@lac-bac.gc.ca 819-934-7333

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