AAO East/Est is a not-for-profit, volunteer-run organization that has supported the Eastern Ontario archival community for over 30 years. The Eastern Ontario Chapter of the Archives Association of Ontario originated as the Eastern Ontario Archivists Association (EOAA) in 1978. The association provided programs and workshops for archivists and attempted to promote archives to the public through various events. In 1989, the EOAA became a chapter of the AAO's predecessor, the Ontario Association of Archivists.

Operating under a newly approved Chapter Constitution (2013), AAO East/Est continues to foster a strong archival community in eastern Ontario and to support its members and connect them to services and programs offered through its parent institution, the AAO. Each year, AAO East/Est organizes a number of events where ideas are exchanged, new and old friends connect, and the Eastern Ontario archival community is strengthened.

For the most up to date information on events and activities check out the AAO East/Est Facebook page.

For a description of events and more long term information see the AAO East/Est blog

We may be reached at aaoeast@gmail.com.


Name Position 
John D. Lund President
Candace Vanskiver Vice-President
Theresa Sorel Treasurer
Dalton Campbell Secretary
Jacinda Bain Member at Large

Address: 720 Spadina Avenue, Suite 202, Toronto, ON M5S 2T9

Phone: 647-343-3334

Email: aao@aao-archivists.ca

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