AAO Student Membership Update

30 Jun 2016 3:09 PM | Danielle Robichaud

The Archives Association of Ontario is pleased to announce that the Student Membership category has now been extended. It will now be available to new professionals for two years following graduation from a recognized post-secondary program. The motion to extend the membership category was successfully passed at the May 12, 2016 Annual General Meeting.

The AAO’s Student Outreach Planning Committee identified the extension of the membership category as a key goal for its activities this past year. Understanding that new graduates are often employed part time or in short-term contracts without professional benefits, the extension period will help retain student members until they have a better opportunity to secure themselves financially.

The two year post-graduation extension period is available only to individuals who joined the AAO while attending a post-secondary institution. Proof of enrollment or program completion will be required.

More information about how students can benefit from an AAO membership is available on the the Students Page.

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