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04 Aug 2016 11:52 AM | Iona McCraith (Administrator)
Did you know - Even if wet documents have been freeze dried or gone through irradiation treatment there can still be a risk of allergic reaction if you are exposed to documents that had mould.   Monona Rossol, widely respected Industrial Hygenist, explains why in recent posting on the Consdistlist :

Date: 24 Jul 2016

From: Monona Rossol <actsnyc<-at->cs<.>com>

Subject: Handling documents after restoration from flood

Peggy W. Norris <peggywnorris<-at->gmail<.>com> writes

>Is there anything about the either freeze-drying or irradiation that would increase the risk of allergens?  Are there any other issues with freeze-dried, irradiated documents that we should be aware of?

"Musty smell indicates a live and active mold infestation.  But if there are particles of dead mold structures in the items, these are quite capable of causing allergic symptoms.  The same proteins are present in the structure fragments. Dead mold is almost as allergy-provoking as live mold.  The only difference is that people who are also allergic to some of the complex "fragrance" chemicals active molds release will not be affected as strongly.  However, it is the proteins in the molds themselves that provoke most people.

And depending on the contents of the storm water, there may be other chemicals present in the artifacts.  For example, the Sandy water from our area hauled up a load of industrial chemicals from the water and the sediments from the bottoms of our not-too-clean waterways plus some ugly bacteria from sewerage overflows and deposited all this junk in our stuff."

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