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02 Dec 2015 5:38 PM | Iona McCraith (Administrator)

Exciting news from Douglas Nishimura of Image Permanence Institute, Rochester Institute of Technology.  A truely useful resource packed with everything you could want to know about caring for film collections of all types.  Check it out., funded by the National Endowment for the Humanities, is a central resource for best practices in film preservation that provides guidelines for dealing with the preservation of all types and formats of film materials. It addresses the requirements for preserving black-and-white and color film and nitrate, acetate, and polyester-based film. It also addresses specific issues for motion-picture film, sheet film, still roll film, microfilm, and aerial film, as well as the management of collections containing a variety of media types (certainly the most common real-life situations encountered in the field). This approach focuses primarily on storage, condition surveys, and the development and implementation of best-fit environment-based strategies. Users can create a FREE account to evaluate their own collections and get specific guidance on next steps for best practices for film preservation.

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