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The Archives Association of Ontario (AAO) encourages all its members to join the Archives Emergency Response Network (AERN). This is a voluntary, cooperative network of AAO members which provides mutual assistance in emergency response and salvage, such as following a fire or flood. A quick and effective response to an emergency results in less damage to records and a faster resumption of normal operations. Smaller archives with only one or two staff or volunteers, or those with limited experience in emergency response will especially benefit from joining AERN. However larger institutions also sometimes need extra help in an emergency.

AERN is currently organized into four groups based on chapters of the AAO – Eastern Ontario, North-Western Ontario, South-Western Ontario and Toronto and Durham areas. As the network grows these four groups could be further subdivided.
There is no cost to participate in AERN and all AAO members are welcomed, both individual and institutional.· No experience in emergency response is needed and your decision to assist another institution if asked is completely voluntary, not compulsory. The AAO Archives Advisor acts as coordinator for AERN – maintaining and distributing the contact list of participants; providing tools and information to the participants; and acting as a resource for advice and information in the event of an emergency.

For more information, or to join the AERN, please contact:
Iona McCraith
Archives Advisor
Phone: (705) 277-1309

Frequently Asked Questions

Can anyone join the AERN?

Membership in the AERN is offered to all members in good standing of the Archives Association of Ontario.

How do I cancel participation in AERN?

At any time simply notify the AAO Preservation Consultant that you no longer wish to participate and your name will be removed from the list of Network participants.

How do I know who else in my area belongs to AERN?

The AAO Preservation Consultant maintains a list of all participants within each region. The list with contact information is distributed to all AERN participants.

What are the regional groups of the AERN?

The regional groups of the Network are based on the AAO Chapters (NOAA, AAO-E, TAAG/DRAAG and SWOC. Currently members from DRAAG are combined with TAAG. As the number of participants increases these four groups could be subdivided further into regional groups whose members are geographically close enough to assist each other.

Do I have to be experienced in disaster response?

Absolutely not! Many AAO members will not have had much experience or training in emergency response or salvage procedures. This does not prevent you from lending assistance. A pair of willing hands, with someone to provide direction and advice, is also useful in an emergency.

What assistance does AAO provide to the AERN regional groups?

The AAO Archives Advisor is a primary resource, who can be contacted in an emergency for advice. Information on emergency planning, response and salvage procedures is provided to the participants. Contact lists of other trained resource professionals is also provided.

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