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27 Mar 2014 9:14 PM | Danielle Robichaud

On March 17th we sent out a short survey about Wikipedia. We were interested in archivists' perceptions of the encyclopedia and wanted to see whether they already contributed information about archival resources to it. The survey also sought feedback concerning people's interest in training related to the service - and what form any training should take.

54 people completed the survey and this post summarizes the responses.

Survey respondents' locations:


Respondents locations

Frequency of use:


Frequency of use

Reliability and usefulness of Wikipedia:


Usefulness and reliability of Wikipedia

Opinions of Wikipedia by type of user:


Overal ratings by frequency of use

There's a clear correlation here between people's opinions of Wikipedia and their frequency of using the service.


Next we asked people if they had ever edited Wikipedia themselves:


Already editing Wikipedia


Respondents told us about the types of resources they currently have online:


Types of online resources


About a quarter of respondents have already put links to their resources into Wikipedia, whereas half have not considered doing so:


Considered adding links

Four out of five respondents wanted to learn more:

Want to find out more


And when asked how they wanted to learn, these were the replies:


How to learn more


Thanks very much to everyone who took the time to complete the survey. It's still open here if you want to add your own views. There's an article in the forthcoming issue of Off The Record on this topic, and we hope to organize some training in the not-too-distant future, too.

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